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openletters's Journal

Dear Famous Entity
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Welcome to Open Letters!

The is community is designed for people to write to celebrities, world leaders, corporations, the famous, and the just plain infamous. Examples of letters that have written can be found in the memories of this community

This community has a few basic rules:

1. Letters must be adressed to those people in a higher class than the rest of us- the famous. No letters to your ex girlfriends, fifth grade teachers, etc. Also not appreciated are postings of other kinds like asking for LJ codes or hi I am new (just post a letter we'll know who is new)

2. The Letters should not be so long that an lj-cut is needed. Try and use your best judgement and not write war and peace ok?

3. Do not simply rant, please have a purpse in your letters.

4. Respect the letters of others. While you may not agree with their opinion, it is important that they have a forum to voice it. Name calling/hate speak, etc will not be tolerated.

5. No letters with wishes of violence, anything pornographic, or "stalker-esque" please. They will be deleted.

6. And finally take everything with a grain of salt and a bit of humour :)

This community is maintained by adisaster and any help would be appreciated...just drop an email.

If you are looking to write letters to the non-famous I recommend dear_you.