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Music enitities...

Dear Linkin Park,

Please produce another mind-blowing nu-metal album, and stop rehashing old stuff and collaberating with rubbish rappers to proove that you are 'hip-hop', and also, of course, to make a cheap buck.

An annoyed but dedicated fan.

Dear Lacuna Coil,

Please keep to your current style of music and resist the temptation to turn a lot heavier. Doing so will alienate a lot of your fans and make you less special, at least in my eyes.

A hopeful fan.

Dear Enid from Ghost World,

Stop being a fictious creation and spend the rest of your life with me.

Some idiot.

Happy Christmas everyone :)
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Everything Linkin Park makes is rubbish.
I concur.
Each to their own.

No matter how wide someone's music tastes are, I'll like something they'll hate.